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This site has been developed for HSBC Bank (Chile). Please read the following Site Terms and Conditions of Use carefully. For the purposes of this Site, the following terms have the meanings provided below:

HSBC Chile or Us: HSBC Bank (Chile), a Bank incorporated in Chile under the General Banking Act and authorised by Resolution No. 116 of the Chilean banking regulator (Superintendencia de Bancos e Instituciones Financieras) on 7 November 2002.

Site: this website at HSBC.CL

Terms and conditions: the terms and conditions of use of this site.

User or You: any person accessing the site for information or to use the site.

Cookies: pieces of data that the Site transfers to the Cookies folder on your computer allowing Users to access the different parts of the Site and which, when appropriate, allow us to design content to satisfy the needs of Users.

About the Terms and Conditions of the Site

By using this Site, you are bound by and accept these Terms and Conditions, including our privacy policy. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use this Site.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. These changes will be valid from the time they are published on this Site. Therefore, we recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions regularly in order to keep up to date with any changes. If you use the Site after any changes to the Terms and Conditions, this will imply your acceptance of the changes.

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The products and services featured on this Site are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable agreement governing their use.

The Service/The Site

The products and services of HSBC Bank (Chile) are offered exclusively in Chile and are governed by the current applicable laws of Chile. People accessing these pages from outside of this country must seek independent professional advice regarding any legal restrictions in their country. The products listed on these pages are not intended for sale in jurisdictions where sale is prohibited by current regulations.

You are solely responsible for accessing and using the Site outside of your usual country of residence. We do not accept any liability for any breach of local laws or regulations that you may commit by accessing and using the Site outside of your usual country of residence.

The information and material provided on this Site is subject to change at any time without prior notice. The information contained on the Site is provided for information purposes only. HSBC Bank (Chile) does not offer legal, financial or other advice via the Site. You should not rely on the information provided on the Site to make decisions of any nature. The information provided does not refer to customer transaction data but is general in nature and refers to products and/or services offered by HSBC Bank (Chile).

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Therefore, all information collected in connection with your use of the Site will be maintained in accordance with the privacy policies set out below.

  1. Application of the Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy applies only to this Site, not to websites that you may access through links. We suggest that in such cases you read about the policy adopted by each of the websites.

  2. Personal Information

    The following use of information policies have been established to safeguard information and to ensure that it is only used in accordance with the User's wishes. HSBC Bank (Chile) represents and undertakes:

    To keep all information that visitors provide secure and in accordance with appropriate levels of protection;

    Not to use the information provided unless expressly authorised by the User, except to inform the User of products or services that we or other affiliated companies in the HSBC Group offer, a process which the User hereby authorises;

    Not to disclose this information to any organisation outside the HSBC Group without the customer's consent and/or unless so required by law or a resolution from a competent authority.

  3. Cookies

    This Site, like others, uses cookies. Cookies cannot obtain information from your computer about you or your family, or read material stored on your hard drive, and, unless you have accessed an authentication page, cannot be used to identify you.

    They cannot be used by anyone else that may have access to the computer to check anything about you, except to see that someone using the computer has accessed a specific website.

    They in no way compromise the security of your computer.

    They will not be used to contact you for marketing purposes other than as advertising offered on the Site.

    They may be used to store details of pages related to specific products and services that you have accessed on the Site. This provides HSBC Bank (Chile) with general-use statistics that allow it to improve the Site and provide you with information that may interest you.

    In order to develop our website in line with customer needs, we use Adobe Analytics to track visitor numbers to our website. Adobe Analytics sends HSBC Bank (Chile) statistics that show that this site is accessed frequently, as well as the time that our visitors stay on the site.

    Adobe Analytics uses a cookie to identify the number of unique visitors to this website. This cookie basically tells us whether the site has a variable number of regular or infrequent visitors. None of the information obtained can be associated with an individual. HSBC Bank (Chile) does not know who you are as a unique user, and it only identifies you as a visitor to the website. The cookie is only related to your access to our site and the information cannot be used on an individual basis.

    For more information on how Adobe Analytics collects data, please read their privacy policy

  4. Security

    We are responsible for the information obtained from Users during the normal course of operations, and information that we receive online from visitors that access or use the Site. Access to your information is restricted to our employees who need the information to supply you with products or services. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards.

Links to third-party content or sites

The Site may offer access to information provided by third parties on the Site or to websites of other companies in the HSBC Group or hyperlinks to other websites. No endorsement or approval of any third parties or their advice, opinions, information, products or services is expressed or implied by any information contained on our Site. We do not control, cannot guarantee, and are not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness or even the continued availability or existence of such content, hyperlinks, or third party websites or pages linked to this Site. You are solely responsible for accessing links to any other website or pages, and we will not assume any liability for damage that may be caused by such links. Links to downloadable software sites may occasionally be provided for convenience only, and we do not take any responsibility for any difficulties or consequences associated with downloading the software. Use of any downloaded software is governed by the terms of the licence agreement, if any, which accompanies or is provided with the software.

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Ordinary e-mail messages sent over the Internet may be subject to interception, loss or alteration. We take no responsibility for such e-mails and will not be liable to you or anyone else for any damages or otherwise in connection with any e-mails you send us.

Trademarks and copyright

Copyright of the pages, screens and information included in this Site, and all material used in the preparation thereof, is owned by Us or the HSBC Group, or is licensed to Us or the HSBC Group, unless otherwise noted. You may print, copy, download or temporarily store extracts from our Site for your personal information or when you use any product and service. You may not alter or change any material that you print or download from the Site, including, without limitation, removing any identifying marks or legends from such material. You may not distribute these materials to third parties. Any other use is prohibited unless you first request and obtain our written permission. In particular, no one may use a part of the Site on any other website, or link any other website to our Site without our prior written permission.

Content available on the Site from third party providers may not be duplicated, distributed, published, transferred, transmitted, copied, altered, sold, used to create derivative works or otherwise misused. Use of the Site for any purpose which is unlawful, abusive, libellous, obscene or threatening is strictly prohibited.

HSBC is a trademark of HSBC Holdings plc and all rights in and to HSBC are vested in HSBC Holdings plc. Other than as provided above you may not use or reproduce the HSBC trademark, logo or brand name.


If you have to register to use this Site or any parts thereof, you must provide accurate and complete information, and update such information when necessary so it remains accurate and complete. If you have to register, when accepted as a registered user you must choose a unique user name and password. Please use maximum caution to keep your user name and password confidential, and log-off from the Site when have finished your session to prevent access by unauthorised people. If your user name or password is subject to unauthorised access, you should immediately inform HSBC Bank (Chile).

Failures in the system

HSBC Bank (Chile) does not take responsibility for any damage or loss in the User's equipment caused by failures in the systems of HSBC Bank (Chile), its server or the Internet. Furthermore, HSBC Chile will not be responsible for any virus that may infect the User's equipment due to access, use or consultation of the Site or due to any transfer of data, files, images, text or audio contained therein. Users CANNOT attribute any liability to HSBC Bank (Chile) or demand any compensation for damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in HSBC's systems or digital media such as the Internet.


Only persons over 18 years of age may contract the services or products featured on the Site.
Any delay or omission by HSBC Bank (Chile) in enforcing strict compliance of these Terms and Conditions cannot be construed as a waiver of its rights.

Should any portion of the Terms and Conditions be considered void, unlawful or not legally enforceable by any court or competent body, this portion shall be severed from the remainder of the Terms and Conditions, which shall remain valid and legally enforceable to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Jurisdiction and governing law

All matters related to the interpretation of and compliance with these Terms and Conditions shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Republic of Chile. Any dispute shall be submitted to the ordinary courts of Chile.

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