Privacy declaration of the HSBC Group

  1. HSBC will only gather information that it deems relevant and necessary in order to understand the financial requirements of its clients and to carry out its activities.
  2. It is feasible that, on occasion, HSBC will be asked to reveal information about its clients to a governmental or judicial organisation or agency or to the regulators of HSBC, but HSBC will only share this information with the relevant authority.
  3. HSBC will use the information about its clients to provide them with the best service and the best products.
  4. HSBC aims to keep the information about its clients up to date.
  5. HSBC may transfer information about a client to another company belonging to the Group, as permitted by law.
  6. HSBC maintains strict security systems, designed to prevent unauthorised access to client information by anybody — including HSBC personnel.
  7. HSBC will not reveal information about its clients to any external organisation unless the client has given HSBC consent, it is required by law or the client has been notified in advance.
  8. All companies belonging to the Group, all HSBC personnel and all third parties with authorised access to client information must fully comply with the confidentiality requirements of HSBC.